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Lynn has been a Registered & Licensed Dietitian for the past 20 years.  She received her Honors Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from the University of Delaware's Honors Program in 2002, graduating Summa Cum Laude. After graduation, Lynn moved south from her hometown of Hockessin, Delaware when she earned a spot in the Mayo Clinic's highly competitive Dietetic Internship program in Jacksonville, Florida.   

Following the completion of her internship at the Mayo Clinic, Lynn spent the next 5 years as the Lead Dietitian & Clinical Coordinator of Nutrition Services for the Eating Disorder Intensive Day Treatment Program at Wolfson Children's Hospital & Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida.  She worked closely with a team of psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, and nurses.  Her role involved directing the nutrition therapy and rehabilitation of children, adolescents, and adults suffering from disordered eating, Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorder.  Lynn was involved in program development and planning and provided individual and group nutrition therapy sessions daily for patients and their families.  Her role involved restoring physical health AND mental and emotional health via nutritional rehabilitation and counseling. 

During her years at Baptist Medical Center & Wolfson Children's Hospital, Lynn was also the Director of a childhood and adolescent obesity program, and she was also the Registered Dietitian for the Pediatric Cardiology Clinic.  In addition, she earned her Certificate of Training in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management in 2006 from the Commission on Dietetic Registration.   

In 2008, Lynn opened her own private practice and continues to provide nutrition counseling and coaching to individuals on an outpatient basis.

Lynn resides in Ponte Vedra, Florida, enjoying life with her husband and their 5 children (3 girls and 2 boys; ages 8-17), and their 2 dogs, Oakie and Blue.  Her non-professional interests include spending time with her family and friends - at the beach (and collecting shark's teeth), the pool, on a lake, or at any of her kids' various activities (cheer and football at the moment).  She also loves traveling, paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking, and reading.
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